Master Mines

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The rules

This is a group blog for the purpose of mutual support on the design of crazy new-style tabletop role-playing games. Secret Wars is the model.

First: designers may be in one of four Modes.

  1. You are Active if you are growing your design towards a new testable draft.
  2. You are Testing if you are analyzing a playtest to see how to move forward, or trying to get a test to happen.
  3. You are Polishing if you are actively working on the design but not in a new-growth sort of way.
  4. You are Dormant if you are not active on your design or this site for some documented reason.

Those are the Modes. These are the rules of play:

  1. If you’re Active or Testing, post something substantial twice a week. We will let you get away with once a week, but let a week go by and we’ll ask what’s up.
  2. If you’re Polishing, once a week is good.
  3. Keep an up-to-date reference document of your design in a Page.
  4. Comment on everything. If you’re Dormant this can slide; if not, NOT.
  5. Change your Mode anytime by editing the About page appropriately.

If you aren’t a participating designer, please chip in with comments.


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