Master Mines

We’re digging RPGs

You are your introduction.

For those who are brought on board, know this:  we’re pretty big in the Do-It-Yourself aesthetic, and nothing says that more than introducing yourself.  Once you’re on & talking about your game, we’ll set up the category, project page, all that jazz.  (Ideally, I’d just see everyone get Editor rights & not bother with it myself, but giving that to half a dozen or so folks sounds like an invitation for some unrecoverable accidents, and I don’t want anyone’s game derailed by forum screw-ups.)  Don’t wait for us to do anything, because we’re waiting for you to make the first move.

When you introduce yourself, be sure to talk about your game.  I like what Daniel just did — he told us about himself and his game.  I brought him on today, and he posted today.  That looks to me like he’s down for the sort of involvement we’re looking for, and I’d like to see that out of those we bring on.


June 13, 2007 - Posted by | The Rules

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