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New Character Sheet

I put up a new character sheet on Know Thyself’s project page.

The short run-down of the elements:

Impulse: This is the single thought & motivation that survives the memory loss, like “Where’s my sister?” or “I must have my revenge on God.”  It should be so vague that many questions can be asked about it, but still strong enough to be a motivation even without the rest of your memories.   This line also serves as a ritual phrase in the game.

Success & Failure track: This determines endgame.  When you hit the number of successes or failures set for the length of the game (between 2 & 7), then you hit endgame.   If Success fills up, your Impulse is resolved.  If Failure fills up, your Impulse is not resolved.  I’m thinking about being able to add a number of “Yes, but…” statements depending on the number of the other track is filled.   I haven’t come up with a good term for this number yet.  You’ll check off one box per scene, depending on if you succeed or fail that scene’s conflict.

Redraws: Instead of the draw one-two-three method, the idea of making the number of times you can redraw a non-renewing currency.  The number of redraws is double the number of successes/failures needed to hit endgame.

Attachments: This is identical to the original draft

Consequences: This is the other side of the coin of Memories.  Whoever narrates the Outcome declares some new fact about the current situation.  So, either you’re writing down a Memory or a Consequence — and someone else is taking your character sheet and writing the other down.  I had a problem when one guy wrote down what someone else said, because he shortened it in a way the narrating player felt lessened the point.  So, character sheets will move around the table.

Endgame: The questions should be obvious, though I don’t have a solid “What exactly happens during endgame” setup yet.

I’ll see some of ya’ll at Go Play NW tomorrow.


June 22, 2007 - Posted by | Know Thyself


  1. what if the endgame is a flashback to a memory pertaining to the single thought/motivation and maybe ties in the attatchments? Each character gets to experience a memory and change one thing. The last wager would happen sometime in the flashback. If it’s succesful, you’ve changed the course of your life and you llive your it should have been. If you fail you become a denizen of the palace forever.

    Comment by jhimmelman | June 22, 2007 | Reply

  2. Jeff, I’ve been thinking about stakes in those terms for a bit, but one of my design goals is to be able to use Know Thyself as a character creation tool for other games, so a loss of character would inhibit that.

    On the other hand, Know Thyself will also be an experiment in modular play design, I think. I’m not sure if “there’s a dozen ways to play my game” is a good design or weak design. I suppose it could go either way.

    Otherwise, I think that’s a totally metal idea. Yes. Yes. That’s the freakin’ endgame, I think. When you hit endgame, instead of narrating an Attachment memory, you narrate the Impulse Cause…or the Outcome, but still not both.

    Too much metal for just one hand. Thank you so much, Jeff.

    Comment by Ryan Macklin | June 23, 2007 | Reply

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