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Defining Goals

So, on my last post, I said that rather than having a draft ready immediately or being silent about it, I would declare a goal of having the draft done by Saturday. This seems like a good idea to put in the Rules category, so that folks checking this out can see this idea as well.

While it’s not required, publicly declaring a goal with a time frame — such as “I’ll have another draft done by Saturday” — is a good motivator for me (and hopefully you) as well as a good indicator for others about where you’re at. I think short-term goals, in the “two weeks or less” range, are helpful for us.

There isn’t much to this post other than to let ya’ll know that there’s now a “Goals” category, and to put the idea in your head that this might help keep the motivation going and better support the slow-burning, long-haul form of collaboration that I think will be awesome.

(As an aside: Some of us have goals that are currently a bit longer, like those of us who will be at the Ashcan Front, but that’s a bit too distant and too all-encompassing to serve the purpose I think these smaller goals will. I’m not saying those goals aren’t still good to have, but there’s something to be said for breaking up a task.)


June 25, 2007 - Posted by | The Rules

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