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So with Gencon looming it’s ugly deadline-ey head in the near future, I’m going to need to set this stuff in stone in the next week so I’ll have ample time for printing.I actually had a really productive phone conversation with Ryan tonight where we hashed out a few holes changing the dice mechanic had created in my system.I have a ton of disparate elements left over from the way the system used to be:

-coins (formerly tokens, but I think coins is more appropriate. I’m going to call the mechanic where you can invest in someone else’s roll “sparing some change”)

I know what I want my system to do, I just need to figure out how to make it do that by the end of this week.   One of the main topics of conversation was how betting was going to work. I want the system to factor into the backstory like I mentioned before. The conclusion we came to was that the coins were going to be used to buy memories (the image evoked was a gambler in the hole struggling to buy back his memories). When you buy a memory, the other players at the table play an NPC in a scene centered around that character (or so the train of thought went).I feel like this concept gets across the struggle to pull yourself out of obscurity pretty well. I also wanted a way to have players invest in other players die rolls (sparing some change), but I have nothing specific at the moment.

I just need to concern myself with how to make it work. The thought process right now is that players will have to wager a certain amount of coins when they enter a conflict. Their survival and lucidity will act as a ‘stand in’ bet. i.e. If the Judge is calling for the player to wager 4 on a physical conflict and the character has survival of three, they will only have to put up 1 coin to roll. They’ll be able to put up more if they want, which will allow them to do the task better (not make it easier) but the more they invest the more they stand to lose (not sure what they’re losing yet). I have no idea what the Hope and Despair stat will do right now. Before they determined your die step, but I don’t have die steps anymore. I’m tempted just to toss ’em, just keeping hope and despair DICE, but I liked the struggle that came out of having hope and despair at war within every character. Also I liked their connection to Cobwebs and Echoes (the more powerful your hope was, the more powerful your echoes, same with Despair and Cobwebs). Maybe they’ll help determine difficulty…

I think that’s most of what we talked about. My notes are at home and I’m at work, but that’s the direction the system is going. There are some exciting things happening, but I’m really nervous about hitting my deadline. It’ll get done in one form or another, I just really want to get the best book I can out there for Gencon so I’m not getting feedback on things I already know I need to change.


July 26, 2007 - Posted by | Kingdom of Nothing


  1. I know you are looking for mechanics answers, but that’s not what I’m offering right now. Instead, I wanted to share a thought on how participation in a “bet” works in with the back-story.

    Your premise says that the PCs were persons of the greatest significance before they became Lost, and the stories of their falls are the center of the conflict. So what if there are ties both weak and strong between the various PCs’ back-stories?

    This would be similar to Heroes, or more appropriately Lost, wherein other characters are seen in the background in most of the flashbacks. This can be represented by another player “buying in” on my bet. The participation in the memory does not need to be major or even significant, but it offers chances for other players to brainstorm their own back-stories as well as giving them a reason to buy in.

    Just a thought.

    Comment by btaggart | July 28, 2007 | Reply

  2. Hey Jeff, I don’t really have much help for you at this moment. I have not quite gotten enough of a grasp on your game yet to feel I can offer good advice.

    That being said I’d love to play a game of it after hours at GenCon, which might help me. Perhaps with some of the other Master Minds.

    Lastly, I love the Coin stat idea and other players “sparing some change.”

    Comment by thelostgm | July 29, 2007 | Reply

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