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So its been two weeks since I realized I need to completly retool my system. The mechanics have gone through a lot of transformations since then, but I really feel like the dice are doing what I want them to, and the system is saying what I want it to. You can tap Despair to help your temporary situation, but it completely screws you over in the long-term. Every conflict you enter you need to invest part of yourself into. The more you invest the easier it is to win, but the more you stand to lose. Its using some elements of craps, but from the feedback I’ve received its pretty easy to pick up and understand.I’ve played the system a few times now in this incarnation, and its holding up pretty well. It takes some time before the roll goes down to figure out the penalties and bonuses, but this has heightened the drama of the roll itself. Also the fact that other people can help out by Sparing Some Change really keeps everyone emotionally invested in what’s going on. Having Coins representing Survival and Lucidity that you can stand to lose or win gives the conflicts more weight. In short, all the frustrations I went through in tearing everything down and starting again left me with a system that mechanically works better and speaks volumes more to what the game is about.This is the last draft I’m posting before I head to the printer. I have a few friends editing it for clarification and spelling. Two weeks ago I wasn’t sure I’d have a draft ready in time for Gencon, but I’m really glad I went through all the crap I did. I can’t thank you all enough for all the advice and help I recieved on this forum. Its where it is in a large part thanks to you guys.Its still not done though. I’ve got a very clear idea of what I want it to be doing and its closer than its ever been before to achieving that goal. It was essentially written in two weeks though, so there’s going to be a lot of adjustments I’ll have to make. Please take a look at it and feel free to tear it apart. Here’s the draft


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I know my post count was low last week, but in lieu of a ping, I wanted to post real quick.  I’ve started doing my brain dump, but that stalled due to some RL issues (including an educationally disasterous session of another game I am playtesting…)  However, I am going to try to put pen to paper today and have those notes on here ASAP.

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