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Now, I don’t want to turn this into the Ryan Macklin Dice & Pony Show by outposting my fellows, but I had an idea in the show just now that I have to note down.  (Which means I’ll be late for work, but that’s what working late is for.)

First of all, if the d10 or d12 is dropped, that’s not Exposure Risk, that’s definitely Exposure.

On mission pacing.  The mission (to borrow a bit from Wilderness of Mirrors) has a certain number of Mission Dice — say, half-Exposure and half-non-Exposure.  For any given player, the first time he rolls in the mission, he’s rolling against one die on the GM’s side.  The GM takes half-non-Exposure dice (rounded up) and half-Exposure dice (rounded down), so, uh, one non-Ex die.  If the player succeeds, the next time he has to roll, he’ll roll against two dice, then three, then a cap at four.  Should the GM not have enough non-Exposure dice to fill half of the amount he’s rolling, then he takes from the Exposure dice instead, and that’s where things suck.

So, if a player succeeds, we take those dice out of the system, and his next difficulty will be one die higher (at a cap of four).  If he fails, we put those dice back in the system and add an extra Exposure die — so, the mission is going to go on longer and become more risky.  (An emergent play goal: if you fuck up a lot, your fellow agents will want to throw you a blanket party — that’s acceptable, as this is an attempt as a high-character-stress game without actually creating a stat called “Stress”.)

Finally, I’m looking at this as a troupe-GM game (what some folks call “GM-less”).  During the mission, the players take turns GMing scene their characters aren’t involved in, as the agency has a mandate that a team not operate in the same location at the same time (to minimize paranormal leak).  Jerry was telling me about how he digs this idea, because it makes the agency seem more faceless.

Okay, off to work!


August 24, 2007 - Posted by | Paranormal Containment

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