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ParaCon’s Big Three

Since we’ve been dead for a few days, I thought I’d post up the Paranormal Containment Big Three.

What’s your game about?

It’s about dealing with your secret double life, which if found out will get people around you killed — folks like your friends and family, folks like the average guy on the street who don’t ask to see something he shouldn’t.

How’s your game about that?

You’re an unwilling agent of a shadowy government agency set out to suppress & eradicate magic and the supernatural — unwilling, because you’re a mage or otherwise hooked into the paranormal, and the agency has a shoot-or-recruit policy. You picked the latter. This means you have to often deal with missions to suppress people and events that threaten Containment.

Most people who find out about the secret and aren’t useful are summarily killed. This includes your family, who will grow suspicious of you over time. This includes innocent bystanders who will witness you get exposed during the mission.

What behaviors do you want your game to reward?

Behaviors that generate trust or betrayal among the group — without having “trust” and “betrayal” as actual mechanics in the game. I want to create a setup where I foster having to make decisions about whether I screw my character over or I screw the group over, and have to deal with other people making that same choice that impacts me. I want to reward getting into those situations, and ideally I’d like to reward them with the situation itself, from a player enjoyment standpoint.

I’m unsure about the last bit, but then this idea is only around a week or so old.


August 28, 2007 - Posted by | Paranormal Containment

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