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And I’m Back!

Okay, after two months of some crappy stuff, some worrying stuff, some depressing stuff, some neat stuff, some awesome stuff and some settling stuff, I am ready to get back in the pilot’s chair and get going again with Grand Tour and Master Mines.

<insert Ryan’s canned cheering here>

It’ll be like I’m starting from scratch, I know it, but once more unto the breach for me. I have some very clear ideas of what I want Grand Tour to do (if not of how I want it to do it) as well as some parameters I will be working under for various reasons. So, let’s leave this post as the one announcing my triumphant return and I’ll later post on the game itself. Please change me back to Active and we’ll get rolling.

Oh, and btw, each of you Master Mines I met at Gen Con (Mike, dude, without you we couldn’t take the superhero photo), thanks a lot; whether you know it or not, meeting you, talking to you, seeing your game, helped me tons, both to get back to a good place in my mind and to get that drive to get back to designing the game. Thanks.


September 1, 2007 - Posted by | News & Updates

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