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Hi, I am Clyde

Hi folks,

My name is Clyde L. Rhoer the 3rd. I’m really glad to get a chance to come blather about my game designs deep in these surprisingly well lit mines. There’s quite a few people here I’ve already met so hopefully my transition isn’t too jarring. About me. I have a problem with putting honesty over propriety, this can also be defined as being rude depending on where you are coming from on the idea of proper behaviour. Fortunately this means I’m not concerned about giving, or receiving honest feedback so my personality should be a positive here. Please let me know if you are finding me frustrating so I know to tone my bluntness down with you. I also do a podcast called Theory From the Closet which is about tabletop RPG design and RPG theory, so hopefully I’ll be helpful. Otherwise I’ll be embarrassed. On to why I’m here.

Silence Keeps Me A Victim is in it’s fourth rewrite, since I started on it a year ago. It’s been quite an experience and has caused actual growth for me. Originally it was a game meant to cause distress in people. A kind of rubbing their nose in poo, because I couldn’t meaningfully discuss the repercussions of my experience as a child with sexual abuse. I felt society was the last brick in the wall of my victimhood. After playtesting the second incarnation at Forge Midwest in Chicago, I realized that I am also part of the reason for my feeling of being silenced. So the focus of the game has shifted from trying to bludgeon society to focusing on healing. Right now, I have an outline that needs to change a lot, and the normal intro text, but I’m in the idea processing phase. Strangely with my game I tend to see it very visually unlike when I look at your games which I see procedurally, and mechanically. This means I have ideas how I want things to go but am completely rules blind in many cases how to achieve what I want. So I’ve got a lot of steam I’m going to have to vent before the game starts running on it’s own inertia. Thanks for the chance to participate.


October 10, 2007 - Posted by | Silence Keeps Me A Victim |


  1. Clyyyyydeee!!!!!!

    That’s a fantastic story about SKMAV. These are exactly the right reasons to be developing games.

    (I still wonder whether SKMAV’s title isn’t pointing a spotlight at the fruitful void in an unhelpful way, but we’ve been over that ground)

    Comment by misuba | October 11, 2007 | Reply

  2. Awesome to have you come onboard, Clyde.

    Comment by Daniel M. Perez | October 18, 2007 | Reply

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