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Progress on Draft Zero

So, with my challenge to myself to get Mythender Draft Zero done by tomorrow (or, uh, this being early Friday morning, later today), and I suspect being only, at best, half-way done, I think I’m going to fail on that. But, I have some progress, and I’ve published it to the document:

[Edit 22-Dec-07: Rather than repost, I’ll just edit here. I have as much of the Character Creation chapter does as will get before I finish the rest of the document. I was shooting to also finish up the Convincing chapter before going to bed, since I have a weekend trip to leave for, but such is life. Enjoy! I’m particularly curious on how people read my Lost to Myth idea.  The draft clocks in at just shy of 6000 words, according to Google.]

There are a lot of holes and places where I have noted I need to talk about something but haven’t. Still, it’ll hopefully show you what I’m thinking, and I’ll periodically re-publish with updates tomorrow. I have a potential playtest while I’m out of town this coming weekend, so I want to get it done as much as possible by then. (That, and I want to talk about first drafts and “zeroth drafts” on Master Plan soon, using this as one example.) That said, I’ve detailed a lot about the Convincing system and am working on the Challenge system right now (because I can’t sleep).

I settled on a name for the world: Mythic Norden. I settled on that for a number of reasons — it’s something an English-speaker can identify with (yes, this is a consideration, for a few reasons on its own), it’s an actual Swedish word for the real region (which is why I originall said “Mythic Scandinavia” — I wanted to refer to the land), and it’s something I can shout in the same guttural Nathan Explosion voice I use to pronounce Mythender. (I’m not kidding, this really is a reason. I want talking about my game to be fun to me.) The other suggestions will probably make their way into future chapters, though.

Also, I had my first successful playtest:


December 21, 2007 - Posted by | Mythender

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  1. Mythic Norden is a great choice. I like saying Norden with the slightest trill on the “r”.

    One of the things I remember about EPCOT was the Norway Pavilion and the Maelstrom ride. In the gift shop they had these amazingly cool giant troll sculptures. They had a deep brown color and oversized limbs and noses. I want to use your game to fight a clutch of them, and stain the snow of the northlands with their ichor!!!!


    Comment by orklord | December 22, 2007 | Reply

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