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KoN: Dreamation 2008 edition

The illustration needs a bit more work, but here’s a mock up of the cover for the Dreamation Ashcan. I’m not selling it, but this may or may not end up going to color for the final cover…I haven’t decided yet.

EDIT: WordPress wasn’t cooperating with me, but I fixed it:



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Misspent Youth Rules, Mark 10

I’ve just uploaded the 10th edition of Misspent Youth’s rules outline. This version contains some of the new innovations, like a much stronger GM role and an improved version of the three-act-structure scene economy. This is the version I’ll be using at Dreamation 2008. I don’t know how comprehensible it’ll be to people who are not me, but I invite you to review it and offer feedback/ask questions if you’d like.

Assuming the Dreamation playtests go well, this is the version of the rules I’ll be writing rules text from.

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