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Hey Folks,

I apologize for my lack of presence. I have been reading everything, but with my limited internet access I haven’t really seen anything that needed my bluntness. Silence is beginning to come together better in my mind. My main problem has been realizing that I had been trying to control and force how the story is told in the game. After realizing that I was struggling with how to make a call to action for the characters / players and not be stepping on people’s story toes. For instance, The Mountain Witch gets you going up the Mountain, by having each player express why they need the money. We know the story is going to be about going up the mountain. Silence is going to be about something too, I’m not sure I can quite express that at the moment, but I know it’s true. Anyway, the problem I was having is that the characters are all the same in game terms. So letting the players distinguish their goals right from the beginning was not what I wanted to do. I’ve got it figured out, and felt stupid to have been blocked so long when the answer was so easy. Their world is destroyed. Good old survival to kick start things. So the children will have to face the places i.e. monsters to hopefully reach safety. The game won’t be about that of course, but that’s the arrow to set the characters in motion, a reverse MacGuffin if you will.

I’m shooting for something playtestable by Forge Midwest. Anyone going to be there?


April 1, 2008 - Posted by | Games in Development, Silence Keeps Me A Victim

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