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I got pinged the other day because I haven’t posted here in like a million years. Mainly the reason for that is that I haven’t worked on the game in a while. I had a couple of other deadlines looming for other games I’m writing and art commissions so KoN had to take a back seat.

I was waffling for a while about whether or not the game would be ready for Gencon, but I think it will be. I feel like the game’s done. The rules have gone through a lot of incarnations, but I feel they’re solid at this point. That’s not to say the game is perfect, but I’m not looking for perfection from my first game, or really any game I’ll ever write. I could spend years perfecting it, or I could put it out and move on. It does what I want it to do really well, and I’m happy with it, so I’m moving into the publishing phase.

There’s a bit of editing and maybe even a few small tweaks here and there, but the most important thing I need to get started on is the art. At Gencon this year my main concern is getting illustration work (I’ve got an artists booth for the first time this year). I’m a bit concerned this may be the last one, so I really want to take advantage of the networking opportunities.

Anyway, that’s where I’m at for now.


April 8, 2008 - Posted by | Kingdom of Nothing


  1. Three questions:
    How much has the text changed since Dreamation?
    How many playtests have you done since the last rules change? How much playtesting has happened with those rules and without you at the table?

    Comment by ptevis | April 8, 2008 | Reply

  2. To answer the first question, yes, quite a bit. There’s a bigger presence of scene framing to drive the characters in finding out what happened to them (i.e. the main focus of the game). There’s a mechanic that allows the other players to help push the characters toward their revelations, and they get rewarded for doing so. The resolution system is simpler as well.

    I’ve run three playtests with this incarnation (little tweaks here and there), and things have run smoothly. I should try to get some beta testing in too though.

    Comment by jhimmelman | April 8, 2008 | Reply

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