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Vampire: The Masquerade via Misspent Youth

Daniel Levine, a guy too awesome for words, has posted this incredible hack of Misspent Youth to do a Vampire game. It’s super-cool and quite exciting. You play neonates out to break the hold of The Beast on your city.

Witness, and envy the awesomeness of having someone do this kind of thing to your game.


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[Decommissioned] Two Updates

1. I’ve been avoiding this post because its a bit embarassing, but I need help.

I have a mechanic I think it interesting and very quick to use with the two stat system and I have a nice device idea for the countdown.  I know how I want the book to look and what language to use.  All of that is well and good.

But I’m stuck on how to go from character generation to actual play.  I had this idea about the player(s) and GM writing down a series of scenes they’d like on index cards, and then sequencing them up into a session, but that still assumes that the GM and player(s) know what scenes they’d like.

How can I get this to work better?

2. I have secured a couple locals for an upcoming playtest and will be creating a playtest scenario this week.  I’ll post it up for review once I’m done.

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Second SRS Testing

So far Clint Krause’s playtest of the second Neoborn setting is going extremely well.  The game system seems to be a lot of fun and we almost had a TPK during one of the mecha battles.

This was an important step in the game’s evolution because it means that the combat is challenging enough to make players care.

Right now, I think we’re in a really good place.  We’re down to answering the minuate-type questions.  Whether something should cost 2 or 3 points, what a multiple here or there should be, etc.

After that…we’ll probably spend 3-5 sessions playtesting the final SRS (Setting Reference Schematic).

My current goals for the doc are to get it ready for beta playtesting.

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Greatly Exaggerated

Just a quick ping to say I’m still alive and kicking, but largely buried by work and life. In order to put myself on a bit of deadline, I’ve scheduled a playstorming session for Memorial Day weekend. Even if it gets postponed, it should only be by a week or two, so I’ll still have to get some work done.

As I get actual work done on the game or have design questions requiring feedback, I’ll be sure to post here.

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Neoborn Playtesting

We’ve made a pretty significant jump in NGHB playtesting.  I am no longer GMing the game.  Instead, Clint Krause is running the game using a setting he has developed and will be included in the book.

Being a player in the game is easier than I would have expected.  I believe that Clint’s game stays true to the game (which isn’t too difficult as he has been playtesting NGHB since day one) and he’s staying true to the the SRS’s genre.  In some ways I’m jealous, he’s doing the militaristic Robotechy genre so he has more mecha models and archetypes to play with, plus he’s a lot more able to inject humor into his game, whereas Godblind, the SRS that inspired me to write NGHB in the first place is more dark and a bit more specialized, a la Big O.

Has anyone else who has designed a game been a player in their own games?  Is there something I should be looking for?

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Decommissioned: The Look of the Book

While thinking about the language of the book, I’ve also been mulling over how it will look.

I want the opening chapter to read very much like a combination employee handbook/ management book you’d find at Barnes and Noble.  This means I will open with details about The Compound, how the “battlebots” look, what they were created for, the general setting info, but the presentation will have graphs, some witty cartoons with captions, and sidebars.

Once I establish the setting, In future chapters, I want to progress into a more piecemeal approach with the book, using microfic, items from the world such as memos, letterheads, emails between characters, forum posts by “battlebots” telling the truth.  Imagine a scrapbook of different glimpses into the world, with a single narration guiding you through the rules.  I see this being influenced by Street Samurai catalog, one of my favorite supplements for any game.  I want to dance the line between an artifact from the game world and a player’s handbook.

Any thoughts good or ill about these ponderings?  Interesting?  Confusing?

What resources can you point me to for layout inspiration, gaming or non-gaming?

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Moving Penny

I’m still chugging along on Penny, and I’ve finally set up the Gameslinger Enterprises website to promote it. Future updates on Penny‘s status will likely be over there, as I’m not really in the designing phase any more. I’ll still be commenting over here, of course, and I’m going to leave the project page up. Don’t be strangers; come on over and say hi sometime.

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[Misspent Youth] Back cover art spec (real, non-hoaxy)

So here is a spec request I made to Jennifer Rodgers for art for the back cover of Misspent Youth. We don’t have sketches done yet but I’m really excited about this so I figured I’d share it.

A gang of 3-5 kids, in silhouette (possibly pure black like something out of Sin City, possibly something with some surface to it that we can see, I don’t know). These kids are in a tight knot together, maybe some are riding skateboards or (better yet) hoverboards. Anyway they’re all clearly running from left to right away from something off-screen to the left. Maybe someone is shooting a slingshot backwards or something. I see an interesting tension between their bodies moving in one direction and their attention being in the other (even if they’re not facing in that direction, something about the set of the shoulders). I imagine a street sign of some kind slightly ahead of them and a grubby street. I’m figuring it would run along the middle edge or bottom of the page and take up all or almost all of the width of the page and about a quarter of the height of the page.

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[Misspent Youth] Cover sketch

As you may know, I’ve been working with Jennifer Rodgers and Joshua AC Newman on the art and layout for Misspent Youth. I’m happy to say that I have today a preview image to share with you of what the cover for Misspent Youth will look like.

Awesome, huh?

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