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[Misspent Youth] Back cover art spec (real, non-hoaxy)

So here is a spec request I made to Jennifer Rodgers for art for the back cover of Misspent Youth. We don’t have sketches done yet but I’m really excited about this so I figured I’d share it.

A gang of 3-5 kids, in silhouette (possibly pure black like something out of Sin City, possibly something with some surface to it that we can see, I don’t know). These kids are in a tight knot together, maybe some are riding skateboards or (better yet) hoverboards. Anyway they’re all clearly running from left to right away from something off-screen to the left. Maybe someone is shooting a slingshot backwards or something. I see an interesting tension between their bodies moving in one direction and their attention being in the other (even if they’re not facing in that direction, something about the set of the shoulders). I imagine a street sign of some kind slightly ahead of them and a grubby street. I’m figuring it would run along the middle edge or bottom of the page and take up all or almost all of the width of the page and about a quarter of the height of the page.


May 7, 2008 - Posted by | Misspent Youth | ,


  1. Because someone has to say it: not enough cock.

    Seriouly, sounds good, if demanding.

    Comment by Matthew Gandy | May 7, 2008 | Reply

  2. Yeah but this IS Jenn Rodgers we’re talking about! Thanks, Matt.

    Comment by robertbohl | May 7, 2008 | Reply

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