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Neoborn Playtesting

We’ve made a pretty significant jump in NGHB playtesting.  I am no longer GMing the game.  Instead, Clint Krause is running the game using a setting he has developed and will be included in the book.

Being a player in the game is easier than I would have expected.  I believe that Clint’s game stays true to the game (which isn’t too difficult as he has been playtesting NGHB since day one) and he’s staying true to the the SRS’s genre.  In some ways I’m jealous, he’s doing the militaristic Robotechy genre so he has more mecha models and archetypes to play with, plus he’s a lot more able to inject humor into his game, whereas Godblind, the SRS that inspired me to write NGHB in the first place is more dark and a bit more specialized, a la Big O.

Has anyone else who has designed a game been a player in their own games?  Is there something I should be looking for?


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  1. I have not yet done that. I did sit at a table saying (almost) nothing at Camp Nerdly this weekend while people read aloud from Misspent Youth’s text and got halfway through character and world generation. It made my tummy hurt, but it was good.

    Comment by robertbohl | May 12, 2008 | Reply

  2. Chris, I think it’s useful, to an extent, but it suggests you may be pretty close to beta playtesting. It may be time to do a little text cleanup and get your game out to a wider playtest audience.

    I recommend looking at or contacting Fred Hicks or Daniel Solis about their application processes for Dresden Files and Do, respectively. They seem to be turning it into a much more controlled process, which should eliminate some of the “noise” factor of beta feedback.

    I’ll be the first to sign up for some beta playtesting.

    Comment by Matthew Gandy | May 14, 2008 | Reply

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