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Wow, my last post was just shy of four months ago.  Sorry about that.

Lets do a little bit of an update.  Since my last post I have received feedback, in the form of e-mails and AP recordings, from four playtest groups.  There are a few others but mostly these groups have been sending me some awesome stuff.

I’ve done a bit of in house playtesting to see how the changes I’ve made are working.  Including one game at JiffyCon that went really well.

I’ve got a few more pieces of art in the works with Storn.  One is a group of Giants next to each other to show the difference in the Size stat.

Cleaning up text, adding new text, and stewing.

I’ve been selling roughly 1-2 ashcans of the game a month and I can’t wait to finish this game up.  I was originally shooting for Dreamation 08 release date, but that seems unlikely.   I really want to make sure this thing is a quality product so I am now shooting for GenCon 08.


November 28, 2007 Posted by | Giants | 2 Comments

Map Creation stuff

Ok, I’ve been working on bits and pieces here and there. So here is the near done map creation section of the book.

July 29, 2007 Posted by | Giants | 4 Comments

A pile of notes

I carry a small note book with me so that when I get an idea in my head I can write it down.  Needless to say it is filled with Giants stuff as of late.  My problem now is finding the time to look over the notes and put it into the text of the game.

I am planning one day this weekend where I get to sit down and do nothing but write.

Oh, and here is a question for you other masterminds.  Where should I post a copy of the game text for you all to look at?  Should it be a PDF, can anyone look at it or just the masterminds?

July 18, 2007 Posted by | Giants | 4 Comments

One Giant Step.

Like many others here in the mines I am a Podcaster, specifically on the Sons of Kryos show. Somehow over my years of gaming I bumped into a few Game Designers and their passion sparked a flame in me to create my own game.

Giants is not really my first game, although it is the first one I thought worthy of publishing. Most of my other creations looked a bit too much like Frankenstein for me to bring into the light outside of my home game group.

Giants was inspired by my older brother, sort of. When I was a Kid I apparently was obsessed with being big, and I told him that I was going to be very tall some day. My brother dismissed my dreams of being big until as a teenager I towered over him. When I stopped growing I was six foot three inches and more than six inches taller than him. He took to calling me the “gentle giant,” although I wont go into why he picked that nickname. Giants have been on my mind ever since.

Ok, so enough about me, let me blab about the game a bit.

The game starts off with the players creating a map together, placing Towns and naming locations of importance. Next they move on to creating Giants, creatures of great size and huger, forced to work with those Towns because of their enormous needs.

Game play starts with the GM and goes from one player to the next. As the Giants try and deal with their individual needs they must also work together to defeat the foe that threatens them all.

I have gone through a number of playtests and things are starting to solidify quite well. But I am not happy with everything, and each time I play I learn something new. So if you have something to say about the game, please speak up.

July 13, 2007 Posted by | Giants | 16 Comments