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Why the Rush to GenCon?

I think this might be worth dialoging about. Here are my thoughts.

GenCon is arguably the biggest gaming convention of the year. Having a new game there means a huge amount of exposure and possible sales.

However, I think it’s easy for any given product to get lost in the sea of new products. Even if you’re running demos at your booth (Ashcan Front, Play Collective, Forge/IPR, whatever), it’s still hard to grab people and translate that into sales.

And are sales even what we’re aiming for? I know that there are folks, like Paul Czege, who are more interested in purchases translating into actual play than purchases translating into profit or fame. I know I’m not doing this for money – or even fame. (I’ll detail my reasons along with my alternate Big Three Questions post.)

Assuming things kick into high gear, the earliest I’d consider releasing Seiyuu would be Dreamation 2009. I think, if you want to aim for a convention for release, Dreamation is actually better – there’s a lot of indie presence there, especially via the IPR booth. I realize this doesn’t work well for west coast folks, but I suspect there is something similar – doesn’t Endgame have something?

Even if Dreamation 2009 doesn’t work out, I’m not just considering a convention for my release schedule. Just look at Spirit of the Century – it came out a few months after GenCon and had no real convention tie-in.

How do the rest of you view a GenCon release or aiming your release for a major convention?


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NGHB Goals

I like what Robert did with his goals, so I am going to do the same for NGHB.  I admire Robert’s goal of getting a publishable game by GenCon.  And I’m going to shoot for the same.

January 15, 2008: Have a playtestable draft up and running.
February 1, 2008: Have first playtest completed
February 15, 2008: Have second draft finished
March 1, 2008: Have second playtest completed
March 15, 2008: Have an alpha version including public domain graphics and a “look” to the book
May 1, 2008: Have beta version ready.  Deadline for artwork to be due
July 1, 2008: Have final version ready to go and headed for the printers.
August 14, 2008: Sell game with whoever will have me.

I figure that meeting this goal depends on two things.  Me really bearing down and writing and aggressively pursuing playtests.  I also think that publishing the game will present its own set of unique challenges for which I am utterly unprepared, so I will need some help from the group.  Scratch that, I will nee a LOT of help from the group.

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Goals for Misspent Youth (December 2007)

I was reading some of the posts in The Rules category and decided I had material for a Goals post.

As I am finishing my degree, I’m going to have a lot more free time. I also anticipate my tax refund coming in to fund the game in February or so. Therefore, the following goals:

  1. January 1, 2008: Finish a rules-outline redesign on Misspent Youth.
  2. January 31, 2008:  Finish a month of exhaustive alpha playtesting on the new ruleset (hopefully at least 4 games).
  3. February 15, 2008: Provided a re-redesign isn’t needed, have a first draft game text to show to artists and a copy editor.
  4. February 28, 2008: Pay for art, layout, editing and other costs for the book, setting aside some money for a 50-100 copy print-run via Lulu or Lightning Source.
  5. March – April 2008: Beta testing, redesigning as needed.
  6. April – May 2008: Work on an ashcan or if I’m confident enough, a final version of the text.
  7. May – June 2008: More beta playtests, refining draft.
  8. July 2008: Printing 50-100 books or ashcans.
  9. August 2008: Gen Con release, hopefully at the Playcollective booth.

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In lieu of a draft, a goal

So, after the Go Play NW playtest of Know Thyself and the discussion afterwards (some even extending into lunch the next day), I have many more notes on what needs to be worked on as well as several suggestion on how to do so.

Since that means I won’t have a draft this week, it instead means that I’m could to declare a goal of having a draft by Saturday night. I’m also cutting up Master Plan #10 this week, so it’ll be a tight fit but I’ve got to press on.

This is my idea: if we make short-term goals for ourselves and declare them, it’s something that everyone else give feedback on — like asking me how things are going if by Monday next I don’t have a new draft up. Also, it’s a good way to let people know where you are. This isn’t one of The Rules, but I think just fits into our support network. I won’t stop commenting on others, either, so no worries there. (Jeff, expect comments tomorrow — I’ve got post-con exhausting right now.)

Also, see what I did there? I set another goal publicly. Maybe there’s something to this idea — voluntary, but I think that makes it better.

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