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Kingdom of Nothing

Kingdom of Nothing is a gritty urban fantasy game about people who have been forgotten and their struggle to crawl their way back out of the cracks through which they’ve slipped. Players take on the role of people who’ve survived some unknown trauma and now live on the street. Their pain has made them a victim of the Nothing, a force born out of apathy that ate their Name and their memories, and manifested their demons as hungry monsters that hunt them down.   Each character has to work their way out of their own psychological labyrinth while fighting their personal demons manifested as monsters.  Think Dark City meets the Fisher King in the setting of Neverwhere.  The events that led characters into the bitter situation they find themselves in are created in collaboration by the other players at the table, making the game an intense mysterious journey of self discovery for both the character and the player.
You can grab the current document here.



  1. Jeff, where is the best place to give you feed back from play testing? Also, if I have questions about running the playtest, were should I post/email?

    Comment by Working Man | October 8, 2007 | Reply

  2. I have recently played the ashcan and am further interested in talking about what the game is supposed to be doing and where it’s going. Where can I get a copy of the text (I do not have permissions access the google docs above. Can I get access? eruditus.don at is my google login.

    Thanks and best of luck on this exciting project,
    – Don

    Comment by eruditus | November 17, 2007 | Reply

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