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Know Thyself

Know Thyself was my entry in the Game Chef 2007 competition. It got quite a bit of feedback — some position, some negative, all useful. I’ve playtested the Game Chef version twice, and got some really good stuff from that. The game was definitely not fully baked at that point, but some of the fun and emergent play from those playtests have encouraged me to keep going on the project.

Current Version

PDF for Know Thyself – GenCon 2007 Ashcan Edition

Page of images for Know Thyself Card Deck

Older Versions

You can grab the Game Chef 2007 Edition here.

My Power 19 document can be found here.

Know Thyself’s Play Deck elements

Know Thyself Character Sheet

Know Thyself draft outline

– Ryan



  1. The concept of a fully-formed yet blank player character appeals to me for reasons I honestly cannot figure out. The act of wandering the halls in search of my memory is just thematically amazing; sort of like a hypnosis session as it would look if done on a VR setup. As a fanboy, I am totally looking forward to this game.

    Comment by Daniel M. Perez | June 14, 2007 | Reply

  2. Just read through the game, and though I want to give myself some time to solidify my thoughts, I wanted to write down a few first impressions.

    There are some board-game elements worked in, which I thought was pretty unique. The premise almost reminded me of the movie Cube.

    You mentioned a desire to focus on expanding the PC vs PC conflict, and I think that’s a good direction to go. As written, it almost seems like the game would smoother with one GM and one player, but I think the possiblilities of drama that could arise from a group of strangers stuck in a situation like this is as interesting as discovering who you were.

    I thought it might be kind of cool if the palace map was built up with tiles as you go, something almost like the game ‘ZOMBIES!!!’ This occured to me for a few reasons. One, it heightens the mystery of the palace if you can’t see where all the rooms are, two, it makes for a different layout every game you play, and three it makes the game easily expandable. You may even want to include a section on creating your own NPCs and rooms.

    I’ll get back to this after I put some more thought into it. It seems like a really playable game in it’s current state however.

    Comment by jhimmelman | June 18, 2007 | Reply

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