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Misspent Youth

Misspent Youth is about friendship, the fight for freedom, and being awesome. My Fred-Hicks-style Hollywood Pitch is: In Snow Crash’s future, Danny Ocean’s crew–Goonies-sized–play craps to take down Big Brother. It’s a sci-fi game about 12 to 17 year olds in a future about ten years from now. The players create a villain together, then create their Youthful Offenders to tap into that. All conflicts are group conflicts and it is not possible to mechanically act against members of your crew. You can fight with them, you can even have an in-group argument touch dice, but if you do the Authority player plays the part of the strife in your relationship.

Out-of-date Power 19.

Most recent rules outline.

The Misspent Youth data roundup page, where I have old rules outlines, and other files.


  1. […] So I was driving today and thinking of ways to tinker with Misspent Youth, and one of the ideas I had was this: to have as part of character creation a step where the […]

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  2. […] ran Misspent Youth three times and it went extremely well each time. Each one went to a full game, from exposition […]

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  3. […] A really cool guy, Michael “Criminal Element” O’Sullivan, played and enjoyed Misspent Youth at Dreamation 2008. He quite liked it, and asked me to send him some stuff along so he and his […]

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  4. […] at last So I finally started writing on Misspent Youth. To start with, I’ve put up the introductory chapter-let for the playtest document. After […]

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  5. […] change for Misspent Youth I’ve decided to officially change the status for Misspent Youth from “Playtesting” to “Publishing.” After PoliCon this weekend, I’m […]

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  6. […] Youth] Chapter 2, Character Creation Chapter/article 2 of Misspent Youth written, Lil’ Bastards and Riot Grrrls.  Again this is very rough; I haven’t even […]

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  7. […] Rob is Publishing Misspent Youth. […]

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  8. […] [Misspent Youth] Chapter 3 draft: Episode structure I’ve just uploaded two new files for Misspent Youth. […]

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  9. […] Chapter 4 draft: Conflict System This is the last of the major-system piece first-drafts for Misspent Youth. “Throwing Your Body upon the Gears” describes the conflict system for the […]

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  10. […] Youth] Chapter 5 draft: Exercising Your Authority This is a brief GM advice chapter for Misspent Youth. I figure on adding to this as I play more games or as people tell me there’s shit the game […]

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  11. […] Youth] Drafts (and the rest. . . .) Ok, this is the last of the “Misspent Youth First Draft” extravaganza posts. I have now written a first draft of every piece of text I […]

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  12. […] Youth] First draft fully completed The first draft of Misspent Youth is done. 11,717 words. I am […]

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  13. […] Youth updated manuscript Mickey (aka Geek Girls Rule) was kind enough to run Misspent Youth ridiculously early for me, on last Friday night. She hit a brick wall trying to use the conflict […]

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