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Back cover draft: thoughts?

You can see a first-draft of my attempt at a Misspent Youth back cover here. What do you think. Improvements? Suggestions? All are welcome.


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Misspent Youth layout procedes apace

Joshua AC Newman said, of my layout for Misspent Youth, “I’m really happy with it.” This is not all he said. There is some work to be done. But I’ve got this giddy, junior-high, “so-and-so said she likes you” thing going on right now.

Thank you, Master Minds!

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[Misspent Youth] Spot-illo/icon suggestions?

I’m working with Jennifer Rodgers and Joshua AC Newman on the art and layout for Misspent Youth. I need your help!

The layout and design conceit of the book is that it’s going to be punk zine style, such as Maximum Rocknroll (which looks like this). I am ordering from Jenn a set of 10 little black-ink mini-illustrations to use as icons/plug-marker thingies between articles. These are meant to be flavorful and neat. This is the list I have so far. I need more! Any suggestions?

A skateboard
A slingshot
A pack of cigarettes, or a lit cigarette, or maybe a joint
A taped-up baseball bat.
A bike chain.
A gas mask

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