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Misspent Youth: Witness the covers

Misspent Youth is a game, by me, that’s coming out at Gen Con 2008 in ashcan form. Here are the images from the cover, with the overall design concept by Joshua AC Newman, the art by Jennifer Rodgers, and execution by me (with frequent suggestions by Joshua et al.). You can click on the images for full-sized images so you can read the text.

I’m really happy and proud of this. The game rocks, too.


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Misspent Youth layout procedes apace

Joshua AC Newman said, of my layout for Misspent Youth, “I’m really happy with it.” This is not all he said. There is some work to be done. But I’ve got this giddy, junior-high, “so-and-so said she likes you” thing going on right now.

Thank you, Master Minds!

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Production panic!

At Joshua AC Newman‘s suggestion, I checked with Publishers’ Graphics on when they’d need to have my PDFs by to have my books to me by August 7. This is going to make my timetable to get the books by Gen Con much tighter. I really need to kick my own ass to get shit done on time now. Shame on me.

I’m grateful to Joshua for thinking to make me ask this question. If the books are at Gen Con, it’s his “fault.”

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MY Dreamation roundup

(D’you like the double entendre there? I do!)

I ran Misspent Youth three times and it went extremely well each time. Each one went to a full game, from exposition scene to deneumont. Revelations:

  1. The game works. It’s hella fun.
  2. The three-act structure scene economy works very well. We had definite stories in every game.
  3. Writing it such that people do it “right” as GMs is going to be tough.
  4. The first trait that Youthful Offenders have, Mistreatment, may be too passive and focused on the past. I may have to come up with a more active and present-focused trait.
  5. Despite what came up at the indie roundtable, I’ve got to make conflicts a bit easier for YOs. Right now, they are winning at a vanishingly small degree. Mendel confirmed this for me with some rough supermath in the final moments of the con. I don’t want to make it too easy, but I’m hoping that the YOs will come out of conflicts winning somewhere between 25% and 40% of the time. Right now it’s something like 8%.
  6. I’m not going to try to have a final book for Gen Con 2008. I am going to have an ashcan, however. To that end I’m downloading free (and maybe one cheap) layout programs. As to why I’m editing my expectations, I came away feeling that I won’t really know what the game does until and unless I’ve released it into the wild and gotten feedback
    1. I want to give people a price break for buying the ashcan when they buy the final book. I think I’m going to stamp each one with a unique “citizen identification number” or something similarly creepy.
  7. Jennifer Rogers is going to do art for me, for reals now. At minimum, I’m going to get a cover and some motif images that I’ll reuse as chapter stops or page markers.
  8. I am not going to write any part of it in-voice. I am going to do layout and stuff as though it were a magazine, though.
  9. I want to make it comic-book sized.
  10. The following quote will be on the cover: “If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face – forever.” — George Orwell

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